Jib crane bearing selection through simulation

  • Juan Sebastián Lugo Pinilla Flotilla de Submarinos del Caribe, Cartagena, Colombia
Keywords: Jib crane, Structure, Bearing, Simulation


Through the corrective maintenance process of a bearing, regardless of its origin, certain anomalies related to its main elements, due to the condition of the type of maintenance, are expected. This was the case of the jib crane of the Caribbean Submarine fleet, used mainly to load the wiring and charging sockets for the supply of electrical energy to the Submarines. During a routine operation, it malfunctioned and stopped working without warning. An inspection was carried out in which corrective maintenance was deemed necessary, it was at the time that the bearing support was uncovered and its advanced state of deterioration was observed. Being this the main failure, and through application of engineering principles and simulation software, the reason for the deterioration was determined, and the optimal bearings for the correct operation of the jib crane were selected.


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Author Biography

Juan Sebastián Lugo Pinilla, Flotilla de Submarinos del Caribe, Cartagena, Colombia

Ingeniero Mecánico – Ingeniero Industrial. Flotilla de Submarinos del Caribe. Cartagena, Colombia.


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