Policy Crossmark

The Science and Technology Corporation for the Development of the Naval, Maritime and Fluvial Industry- COTECMAR, committed to the transparency and reliability of scientific information, uses CrossRef's Crossmark initiative to keep its readers informed of any changes or updates to articles published in its scientific journals. Crossmark provides a standardized system for locating the official version of a scholarly paper, verifying its current status, accessing the original publication information, and tracking the history of any updates or corrections.

By clicking on the Crossmark icon, readers can access valuable information such as the current status of the paper, the date of publication and acceptance of the original, author names and their respective ORCID, journal name, publisher, and the detailed history of all updates or corrections made since initial publication, among others.

This initiative contributes to academic integrity by ensuring that researchers and libraries have access to reliable and up-to-date content, thus promoting transparency and reliability of scientific research.

Crossmark Benefits for Readers:

  • Access to the most recent and updated information.
  • Verification of document integrity and detection of possible errors or manipulations.
  • Track publication history for a more complete understanding of article development.

By using Crossmark, COTECMAR empowers its readers with reliable and up-to-date information, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the naval, maritime and fluvial fields.