About the Journal

Focus and Scope

The Ship Science and Technology Journal, is a biannual journal, which accepts for publication original engineering contributions in English language on ship design, hydrodynamics, dynamics of ships, structures and materials, vibrations and noise, technology of ship construction, ocean and marine engineering, standards and regulations, oceanography, maritime and river transport, and port infrastructure, results of scientific and technological researches. Every article shall be subject to consideration of the Editorial Council of The Ship Science and Technology Journal deciding on pertinence of its publication.

Peer Review Process

The evaluation process (which lasts approximately 6 months) begins with a first selection of articles by the Editorial Committee and continues with a double blind evaluation by academic pairs specialized in the subject, national and international, usually external to Cotecmar, which are chosen by the scientific committee according to the experience and knowledge in the topics discussed in the article. The peers rate the articles according to the evaluation format, considering the level in the article to fit the theme of the journal, the correspondence between the title and its content, the original contribution for the area, and evaluates the methodology used. Finally, they choose the concepts of: Approved, Approved with corrections or Not Approved. Once the Editorial Committee has the evaluations, it sends the authors the verdict and an attachment of the evaluations with the corrections advised by the peers. The authors have one month from the date of the verdict sent to make the changes that they consider pertinent and to send the corrected article.

Once the final version has been received, the Editorial Committee makes a decision on the publication of the article. After being approved, a notification is sent to the author by email and the journal receives the authorization of publication, declaration of originality and the use of intellectual property rights. The authorization allows the incorporation of titles, authors, abstracts and the complete texts of the articles in databases or national and international electronic pages. As copyright, two copies of the number in which they article is published are sent to each author.

Publication Frequency

Every six months

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Article Processing Charges (APCs)

Authors do not pay a fee for Article Processing Charges (APCs), as all the publishing costs are covered by COTECMAR.

Article Submissions Charges (ASCs)

Authors do not pay a fee for Article Submissions Charges (ASCs), as all the publishing costs are covered by COTECMAR.

Ethics in research

Ethics in research is a fundamental part of the policies of Ship Science and Technology, so for the publication in the journal it has been determined as necessary to take into account the following considerations:

  • That the work presented for publication is written by the author, given that the content is the product of his/her direct intellectual contribution.
  • Honesty when preparing and presenting the results of the investigation.
  • Specify in detail the contribution of each one of the authors, their contributions and results of the research.
  • Make the corresponding citation and reference of the authors whose information has been used in the investigation.
  • Transparency in conflicts of interest.
  • Protection of the integrity and privacy of the people involved in the investigation.
  • If the investigation includes the participation or handling of animals, care and provisions must be provided in accordance with the laws that regulate it.
  • Fulfillment of mutual responsibilities between researchers and other research participants.
  • The article must not contain unpublished material that has been copied from other authors without their consent.