Assessment of appendage effect on forward resistance reduction


  • Marcos Salas University Austral of Chile
  • Gonzalo Tampier University Austral of Chile



forward resistance, appendages, numerical tests, experimental tests, CFD, towing tank


This paper shows experimental and numerical results of three types of appendages on forward resistance reduction of displacement and semidisplacement hulls. Forward resistance results were obtained by using Computational Fluid Dynamics and towing tank tests. The appendages evaluated are stern flaps and interceptors for displacement hulls and spray railspray rails for a semiplaning hull. The experiments are independent from each other and no research was undertaken to include the combined effect of appendages on a single hull. The predicted reduction in forward resistance in all three tested devices is around 5-10%, showing potential for fuel saving through the evaluation of hydrodynamic effects of energy saving appendages.


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Author Biographies

Marcos Salas, University Austral of Chile

University Austral of Chile, Faculty of Engineering Sciences. Valdivia, Chile.

Gonzalo Tampier, University Austral of Chile

University Austral of Chile, Faculty of Engineering Sciences. Valdivia, Chile.


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Salas, M., & Tampier, G. (2013). Assessment of appendage effect on forward resistance reduction. Ciencia Y tecnología De Buques, 7(13), 37–45.



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