"Creating a rule framework for the green revolution in shipping industry" internal & territorial waters


  • Jean-Michel Y. Chatelier BUREAU VERITAS, Antwerpen, Belgium.




alternative fuels, new technologies, carbon, risk, rules


Warning about global warming and the noxious effects of pollution, international institutions already settled drastic reductions in emissions that endanger the atmosphere. These challenges apply as much to the inland navigation industry and the coastal fleet as the ocean ships. Shipping companies are implementing new technologies to go toward the environmental goals. There is obviously a large panel of solutions. None of the solutions is a panacea and the stakeholders must make their choice depending on the type of vessel and the constraints of the area of operation, considering the related regulations to come, if not already in force. As a leading classification society, Bureau Veritas is committed to developing new rules and guidelines to keep shipping safe as it develops these innovative new green projects.


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Author Biography

Jean-Michel Y. Chatelier, BUREAU VERITAS, Antwerpen, Belgium.

BUREAU VERITAS – Marine & Offshore Division. Antwerpen, Belgium.


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