Ship maneuverability: full-scale trials of colombian Navy Riverine Support Patrol Vessel


  • Jorge E. Carreño Moreno COTECMAR. Oldenburg, Lower Saxony. Germany.
  • Etty Y. Sierra Vanegas COTECMAR. Cartagena, Bolívar. Colombia.
  • Victor H. Jiménez González COTECMAR. Cartagena, Bolívar. Colombia.



maneuverability, shallow waters, sea trials, ship dynamics


Methodology and results of full scale maneuvering trials for Riverine Support Patrol Vessel “RSPV”, built by COTECMAR for the Colombian Navy are presented. This ship is equipped with a “Pump – Jet” propulsion system and the hull corresponds to a wide-hull with a high Beam – Draft ratio (B/T=9.5). Tests were based on the results of simulation of turning diameters obtained from TRIBON M3˝ design software, applying techniques of Design of Experiments “DOE”, to rationalize the number of runs in different conditions of water depth, ship speed, and rudder angle. Results validate the excellent performance of this class of ship and show that turning diameter and other maneuvering characteristics improve with decreasing water depth.


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Carreño Moreno, J. E., Sierra Vanegas, E. Y., & Jiménez González, V. H. (2011). Ship maneuverability: full-scale trials of colombian Navy Riverine Support Patrol Vessel. Ciencia Y tecnología De Buques, 5(9), 69–86.



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