Creating Bathymetric Maps Using AUVs in the Magdalena River


  • Monique Chyba
  • John Rader
  • Michael Andoinian



river survey, autonomous underwater vehicle


The goal is to develop a guidance and navigation algorithm for an AUV to perform high resolution scanning of the constantly changing river bed of the Magdalena River, the main river of Colombia, from the river mouth to a distance of 10 Km upriver, which is considered to be the riskiest section to navigate. Using geometric control we design the required thrust for an under-actuated autonomous underwater vehicle to realize the desired mission.


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Chyba, M., Rader, J., & Andoinian, M. (2010). Creating Bathymetric Maps Using AUVs in the Magdalena River. Ciencia Y tecnología De Buques, 4(7), 31–42.



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