Strategic planning and experience in the construction of the OPV Project for the Chilean Navy


  • Pedro Andrés Gomez Salazar ASMAR Shipbuylding & Shiprepair company. Talcahuano, Chile.



strategy, planning, logistics, production


ASMAR ́s shipbuilding policy indicates that this activity will be centered and dimensioned on primarily serving the requirements of the Chilean Navy and the State. The correct use of the information is fundamental in the evolution of the projects. By applying this knowledge and evaluation criteria to the strategy of the Naval Construction Management, it will contribute in future projects by improving the planning levels obtaining more detailed, efficient and effective results. Below we present the experience in the strategic planning for the construction of the OPV4 project, Cabo Odger (“Marine Lance Corporal Odger”) for the Chilean Navy.

“We want all our shipping clients to recognize us as a serious shipyard, with dedicated commitment and technical quality, and we have used ingenuity and experience to solve problems that we have faced. However, we must not fall into the temptation to rest on our laurels, on the contrary, we have the obligation to continue on this path of commitment with our daily work, and to meet our deadlines”.

Today, shipbuilding is defined as a highly complex industry, that is highly competitive with elevated costs. The goal is to extract the most important contents and work with real, efficient and effective information, so that each construction process is not affected by external agents. There are three differentiating factors that make a shipyard more competitive and improve its production processes, resulting in a reduction of work time and, therefore, a reduction of costs; these are: the construction strategy, strategic planning and logistics. ASMAR has the technical and technological capacity to integrate various elements into its workshops in the stage prior to assembly. This process marks an important step between the construction strategy and the project planning. 


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