Increasing the Reliability of a Naval Tactical Data Link through the Design and Implementation of Automatic Mechanisms for Failure Recovery

  • Gustavo Pérez Valdés
  • Stefany P. Marrugo Llorente
  • Eduardo Gómez Vasquez


This document describes the design and implementation process of an automatic failure recovery system on a tactical data link, with the purpose of increasing its reliability during the execution of command and control naval operations. is effort is part of a project that seeks to create a Command and Control System at an operational level. The design of the recovery mechanism begins with the state analysis of the data link system under study, it then, continues with the identification of possible “dead states” and finally, turns to the development of software solutions for each identified failure. is solution considers the communication infrastructure capabilities currently available in the Navy units, so its implementation costs are reduced. is paper also presents the results obtained from the tests carried out in the system, which show that the average failure recovery time was reduced by 50%, increasing the reliability of the analyzed data link.


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Author Biographies

Gustavo Pérez Valdés

COTECMAR. Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

Stefany P. Marrugo Llorente

COTECMAR. Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

Eduardo Gómez Vasquez

Tecnológica de Bolivar University. Cartagena de Indias, Colombia 


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