Analysis of most frequent cases of vibration in propulsion systems

  • Franklin Jhonny Domínguez Ruíz Tecnavin S.A.


This study is a review of cases of propulsion systems in which noise, vibration, or fracture problems have existed. Case studies are presented on passenger vessels, tugboats, tankers, and ferry boats. Each case is addressed based on lateral, torsional, axial vibration analysis, as well as the case analysis of the possible coupling of frequencies or possible defect or deterioration of a component. Based on the cases, a summary is presented of inertial masses of each system analyzed to establish possible problems and benchmark statistical considerations when selecting the components of a propulsion system. Calculations were performed using the ShaftDesigner software from Machine Support, Holland and Torcal software from Tecnavin S. A.


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Author Biography

Franklin Jhonny Domínguez Ruíz, Tecnavin S.A.
Tecnavin S.A. Guayaquil, Ecuador.


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