Aid in the design of antenna arrays with electronic phase steering using Matlab®


  • Francisco José Gil Navia Departamento de Armas y Electrónica de la Armada Nacional, Fuerza Naval de Caribe, Base Naval 1. Colombia.



antenna arrays, electronic phase steering, MATLAB


Antenna arrays have been used since the 1950s in multiple applications; however, it was not until recent years that, given progress in digital technologies, this application has become the fastest and most varied development in the radar world. The main motivation for their development is that they permit electronic phase steering that implies extreme phase agility, while also being tolerant to failure because of the amount of elements that comprise them. They also permit the reduction of side lobes by controlling the amplitude of each element.Because it is a currently applied technology, but with many aspects under development, it is necessary to enter this field and generate the required tools including those for computer assisted prototyping. Because of the aforementioned, this work sought to use Matlab® to create virtual prototypes of arrays that permit visualizing an approach to their real behavior stemming from certain parameters.


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