Designing for Damage Stability and Survivability – Contemporary Developments and Implementation


  • Dracos Vassalos
  • Luis Guarín


probabilistic rules, damage stability and survivability, risk-based ship design


With the new harmonised regulations for damage stability, SOLAS 2009, now in place (since January 2009), a number of ship owners and consequentially yards and classification societies are venturing to exploit the new degrees of freedom afforded by the probabilistic concept of ship subdivision. In this process, designers are finding it rather difficult to move away from the prescriptive mindset that has been deeply ingrained in their way of conceptualising, creating and completing a ship design. Total freedom it appears is hard to cope with and a helping hand is needed to guide them in crossing the line from prescriptive to goal-setting design. This will be facilitated considerably with improved understanding of what this concept entails and of its limitations and range of applicability. This paper represents an attempt in this direction, based on the collective knowledge and experience of the authors, deriving from many years of research on damage stability and survivability and a string of new concept designs for the passenger ship industry.


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