Shipyard’s Quality System involvement in the classification process at the new construction phase


  • Lina Suárez Marine & Offshore, New Construction Management. Paris, France



Quality Management System, Ship Classification Society, Classification rules


The Quality Management System (QMS) of a shipyard is considered as a dynamic system which ameliorates in parallel with the evolution of the shipyard, having as purpose to optimize construction performance, to reduce risks, costs and time. The interaction and participation with external organizations play an important role in the cycle processes of maintenance and improvement of the Shipyard QMS. Bureau Veritas (BV) being a Ship Classification Society, contributes to the certification process through compliance with regard to BV technical rules and statutory requirements for each ship configuration. This paper illustrates the importance of the interaction between shipyard and class society starting at early design phase until delivery of the ship. Process described is based on specifics BV rules and New Building procedures which are continuously updated based on new international regulations, experiences, researches and developments. The pre-project process is founded on the definition of the scope of work, a thorough review of the contract, familiarization with the shipyard’s facilities, and the definition and agreement of all activities to be addressed throughout the entire construction. The construction process unfolds according to the agreements outlined during the pre-project phase. This part is specifically concentrated on Design Review (drawings and documents), Documentation System (procedures and methods), the Verification System (monitoring, control & reporting, witnessing, inspection & test), and the Management System (but not limited to); all of which are managed under a specific BV IT Tool. The result of all this is an efficient classification process that ensures ships remain safe, compliant, efficient, and environmentally friendly throughout their operating life.


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Lina Suárez, Marine & Offshore, New Construction Management. Paris, France

Bureau Veritas - Marine & Offshore, New Construction Management. Paris, France.


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