Entering a new era for electrical vessel on inland waterways


  • Jean Michel Chatelier BUREAU VERITAS – Marine & Offshore Division. Antwerpen, Belgium




battery, fuel-cell, hybrid, safety, operations


The shipping industry is moving towards quickly decarbonizing its assets. There is also a growing demand for new urban transportation (passengers, building materials, and equipment) with zero-emission propulsion. Zero-emission propulsion is available today for sustainable transport. The common size of inland navigation vessels offers the opportunity to implement innovative technologies earlier than seagoing ships. There is clearly a wide range of solutions available, with their own set of pros and cons. Batteries and fuel cells are part of a growing list of solutions to carbon-neutral or zero-emissions shipping. They become a strong choice and can be successfully combined with alternative fuels. As a result, electric and hybrid vessels are currently among the most important developments in the inland navigation sector. Bureau Veritas, as one of the major classification societies, proposes a brief review of state-of-the-art electrical solutions, considering available technologies, safety constraints and operational challenges, bringing to light its experience in electrical vessels, both in new constructions and conversions as well as in vessels in service. Although many parameters must be considered, the conclusion confirms that there are electrical solutions already suitable for a range of vessels and it is also possible to pencil the near future in association with new infrastructure and supply chain.


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