Equivalent SPS Compact Double Hull (CDH) Bottom Structure Grounding of Inland Waterway Barges


  • Stephen J. Kennedy Intelligent Engineering Ltd. Ontario, Canada.
  • Aldo E. Martino Intelligent Engineering Ltd. Ontario, Canada.
  • Alireza Mirzaei Intelligent Engineering Ltd. Ontario, Canada.
  • Fabio Zapata KHALELA S.A.S. Cartagena, Colombia.




equivalent or superior performance, impact resistant hull structure, robust bow construction, Sandwich Plate System (SPS), Compact Double Hull (CDH)


MARPOL regulations stipulate that all single hull oil carrying barges must be made of double skin construction or modified by an alternate construction provided that the construction ensures at least the same level of protection against oil pollution.  It is be demonstrated that the proposed alternative method of design, made with a SPS Compact Double Hull (CDH) applied to the bottom hull, does not rupture under the prescribed grounding event (no rupture, no oil outflow, no oil pollution).

A sophisticated finite element model was developed to simulate the grounding event for a single hull barge.  Based on the experience gained from this simulation, a comparative grounding simulation study was conducted where a specified embedded object causes rupture of the outer and inner hull for double hull construction (a non-zero probability of oil outflow and pollution) and no rupture of the SPS CDH which demonstrates superior performance.


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Kennedy, S. J., Martino, A. E., Mirzaei, A., & Zapata, F. (2018). Equivalent SPS Compact Double Hull (CDH) Bottom Structure Grounding of Inland Waterway Barges. Ciencia Y tecnología De Buques, 12(23), 41–61. Retrieved from https://shipjournal.co/index.php/sst/article/view/170



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