A method for track fusing using data association in naval combat system


  • Eunmi Oh




Combat Management System, Track Fusion, Data Association, Tracking Filter


In today battlefield multi-sensors installed on naval ship are acquiring too much information. Information is used through naval combat system to improve reaction capability to threat more quickly and precise. For acting to threat, we have to make a decision whether same ones what each target from multi sensor and execute track fusion according to result of judgment. So in this paper, we propose the track fusion method using track’s varied information. We predicted and estimated the target state based on dynamic information using data association filter so made valid measurement area what is assumed that track exists. This algorithm can set up the criterion what is adaptive current status of track. Second we selected track among existing tracks in valid area by attributing weighting. The weight considers track’s information like identification, category and so on. We would like to execute more precisely track fusion through this fusion algorithm. 


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