Fuel-Cell Integration on Board Surface Ships

  • David Ignacio Fuentes
  • Hernán de Lavalle Pérez


Given the high levels of air pollution around the world, produced by the emission of greenhouse gases,the shipbuilding industry is in search of a "zero emissions" ship. To achieve this, research groups, havefocused on the further investigation of the fuel cells. These devices can produce energy by only usinghydrogen and oxygen as main power sources, having the next advantages features: low noise production,no emissions, and high efficiency. They can also be integrated with other systems. As Jules Verne wrote inhis “The Mysterious Island”, one day water will be used as fuel. The hydrogen and oxygen that constituteit, used alone and simultaneously, produce inexhaustible heat source and light intensity much greaterthan that of coal.


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Author Biographies

David Ignacio Fuentes
Teniente de Navío . Escuela Naval de Cadetes “Almirante Padilla”, Colombia.
Hernán de Lavalle Pérez
Teniente de Navío . Escuela Naval de Cadetes “Almirante Padilla”, Colombia


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