Editorial Note

Cartagena de Indias, 23 July 2012.

Cotecmar has over the last 12 years const ituted itself as an institution that innovates and learns to undertake the big responsibility of designing and building the Strategic Surface Platform (PES, for the term in Spanish), the ships that will replace our current frigates. As indicated by Rear Admiral Roberto Sáchica Mejía, President of Cotecmar, during this anniversary’s commemoration last July 21st, we must bear in mind that Cotecmar is not merely an organization that builds and repairs ships, it is an organization that generates skills in science and technology for the development of a strategic industry that generates employment and security, which results in great social benefit for all Colombians.

With this perspective, the Ship Science and Technology journal contributes by being one of the scientific publication media that helps to introduce updated knowledge on themes related to naval engineering, naval architecture, and related topics that contribute to increase the performance of ships and shipyards. In this edition, we are introducing research related to oceanographic and fishing research vessels in Spain, analysis and prediction of distortions in complex welded structures, weld ability of aluminum alloy, tow simulation systems, flap influence tests, dynamic modeling of fishing rig components, and – finally – assessment methods of the radar cross section.

We hope these contents are of great benefit to the national and international community and we also hope they contribute to Cotecmar’s challenge of becoming an innovation leader in Latin America. We urge you to keep contributing with research results in order to consolidate the Ship Science and Technology journal as a world-class publication.